“As first time home buyers, it was our pleasure to work with Pam at Zephyr. Not only does she truly make your property her priority she also adapts to your needs as a homebuyer to make the process as smooth as possible. So let’s chat: “your property is my priority” - what a great tagline because she truly lives by it. Our home was a bit of an outlier from the norm that Pam deals with - we were located in Marin County instead of SF and we had a pretty difficult seller. Pam always found time for our home matters and on the rare occasion when she couldn’t be at the house for a visit to see the home at night, she made sure a trusted colleague at Zephyr was there to guide us through. We always felt like we were Pam’s only clients even though we knew she had multiple properties she was working on either buying or selling. Pam takes the time to figure out how you tick so to speak in order to facilitate the sale better. What I mean is she was invested in finding out our interests/wants/needs in a home, suggested things to think about that we hadn’t thought of, and worked through thorny financial issues for a first time home buyer. We told Pam up front that we like to read the fine print on everything, literally everything. So Pam arranged for all documents to be sent in PDF in advance of the needed signing so we could review before signing via DocuSign. It’s attention to these details that make it so you know you’re working with someone who understands what you need and works with you to obtain it rather than simply overlooking requests. Additionally, we had a seller that insisted on a rent-back situation; something we weren’t comfortable with but would be the only way to purchase the home. Pam worked with us, tirelessly, to find a creative solution to craft an offer where our risk concerns were addressed and the requirements of the seller were met. One other thing that we found incredibly valuable is that Pam seems to really love Zephyr, the real estate firm she works for. Her investment in the firm only helps her be a better real estate agent. She tapped into resources and people at the firm to handle the difficult components of our transaction and we felt supported by the whole team at Zephyr. Choose Pam, finding people their next home is her passion.”

Catalina Murphy

“It was really great working with Pam Parker Souza, and her partner Steven Gerry. They really know what they are doing, and very professional. In my case there was a few difficulties that came up. Pam and Steve were right on top of everything. This deal even had to go through Bosnia of all place. It was quite a ride and a lot of stress. I wouldn’t want anybody else leading the way. Thank you Pam Parker Souza.”

Robin Jalone

“Pam is AMAZING! I have worked with many, many realtors over the years and own multiple properties in the Bay Area. Pam is by far the best realtor I've met. She is honest, knows the market, and really takes the time to understand her clients' wants and needs. Pam is a true professional. Also, as a San Francisco resident for over 25 years, she introduced me to the charming secrets of different neighborhoods that even I didn't know existed. Pam understands the complexities of buying and selling homes, but makes it a breeze for her clients. Best of all, working with Pam is FUN! During the stressful process of real estate, she keeps and even keel and is always upbeat. I can't imagine a better realtor to work with.”

Mary A.

“Meeting Pam Parker Souza was the absolute best thing that could have happened on my housing search. As a first time home buyer that had fallen in love with a property, I needed someone who could guide me through the offer process — and do it quickly. In just four days, Pam gave me a crash course in the San Francisco housing market and helped me craft an extremely clean offer, edging out several other bidders. Pam has proven to be a great resource throughout my entire journey, answering all of my questions, helping me deal with roadblocks, and identifying things I need to do as a new homeowner. I highly recommend Pam to anyone looking to buy in a crowded market: she’s made the entire process a breeze!”

Dan Alcantara

“It's my pleasure to write this review for Pam Parker Souza. Pam helped with my search for a condo in one of the most competitive markets in the nation. With her expertise and vast knowledge of market trends I was able to find a place that I now call home. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional, but she is also a very friendly and kind person and willing to help in any way possible. Thanks Pam!”

Dafer H

“I am writing this post as a testament to the character of Pam Parker Souza. I reached out to Pam for real estate and probate advice. At this time, with Pam knowing this particular advice I sought out for was not going to make anyone any money. The amount of follow up and professional information she provided me with was extremely pivotal in what I was trying to accomplish. Not only did she take time out of her day while she was on vacation. She displayed thorough knowledge of Bay Area real estate and law that I know if I ever have any questions or if friends or family have questions she would be the one to ask. Thank you Pam. I look forward to touching base with you in the future.”

Philip B.

“Partnering with a qualified, professional broker who specialized in SF was imperative. Also, having excellent communication skills was key as we wanted to ensure that we working closely with someone who was responsive and technologically savvy as well as a pleasure and joy to work with. Pleased that Pam was able to deliver on these key elements which facilitated highly with our overall experience and success with closing the deal on our home!”


“I met Pam Parker Souza in an open house. She was the showing agent. I left my contact information and she contacted me immediately after the open house and asked me if I would like to make an offer or have any questions regarding the property. I was impressed by her quick following up email, which lets me make a decision to work with her. We failed on the first offer. That is OK to me. Within a week, I contacted her for another property. We submitted the offer and got accepted with a counter offer in a day. Pam is very professional and I really appreciate her prompt response during the whole transaction. She is very approachable, always be there to answer questions and find solutions. She has great power to push things through. She also has good network with other agents and loan brokers. I would definitely recommend Pam to my friends.


Pam Parker Souza

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